How to create Business Plan ?

Hi to everyone. Today I decided to show you some ways of how to make business plan.
Starting with a plan.
You have a plan ,right? Even with the good building blocks of your chosen platform ,great coders and a good idea ,if you do not have a plan ,you may end up with an business that only lasts 30 days on market ,or worse doesn't make it to market at all.
According to a survey by WIP only 63% of developers had a business plan ,whereas 37% "just got down to coding". So ,if you have a plan you are already a step ahead of a lot of you competitors.

First if all you should have to do is:
1. Market Research
- Who is my costumer
- How to find Beta testers
- Who is my competition
- Device and technology choices

So ,after you finish it you have to be focused on these questions:
- What's in a Name ?
- Branding and Collateral
- App Marketing
- Promotion
- Website
- Co-Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Partnering
- Sponsorship
- Meeting the right contacts
- The art of getting an introducion /
from the book  Mobile Developer's guide to the parallel universe