Jennifer Aniston promoted her movie

Hi to everyone.
Jennifer Aniston has promoted her movie called `Life of Crime`
Jennifer Aniston (the actress 44 years old) interprets her this movie as one woman which is mixed with an band ,it has to do with the roman "Emore Leonard" on 1978.
The regisor of this movie is Daniel Schechter.
"This role of Jennifer Aniston is the best one of her career ,I was crying while I was watching this movie" said Schechter.
This movie got positive critics.

Interview with Sinan Hoxha

Hi again.
I was reading today on newspaper `Albanian VIPs` an interview of Sinan Hoxha.
I will try to write everything I remembered.
One of the first questions that journalist asked him was:
1.What do you think ,in which country you think you have more fans?
- He replied that `diaspora` wants me more and I have no idea why (and smiled)
2.What is your "magic" of making fans love you?
-My songs of course - replied Sinan
3. So you are more earning on diaspora ?
- Haha ,yes there is more developed country ,the salaries are bigger. I am lucky man. I am saying lucky because of my profession (singer).
4. What is your dream that you think it will never happen?
- People stop gossiping about my private life.
5. Something for the end?
- My success is dedicated to my fans. They are people why I am here and I would like to say: `Thank you all`

Chinese people produced iNew mobile phone

Chinese people have produced new mobile phone called `iNew` has the operation system of android smart phone. I saw that there are many models of iNew. What I liked was iNew i6000.
Check out the performances of iNew i6000
 - Cpu - dual qore
 - Display Resolution - 1920x1080
 - Touch Screen Type:
Capacitive Screen
Screen LCD Type:
Display Size:

SIM Card Quantity:
Dual SIM Cards
Release Date:
Band Mode:
CPU Manufacturer:
Talk Time:
About 7 Hours
Operation System:
GPS Navigation,Email,FM Radio,MP3 Playback,Touchscreen,QWERTY Keyboard,Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,Memory Card Slots,Video Player,Gravity Response,Front Camera,Message,HD Video Player,GPRS
Battery Type:
Item Condition:
Camera Type:
Front & Back Camera
Battery Capacity(mAh):
Model Number:
Brand Name:
Front 3MP & Back 13MP

Other types of iNew are: iNew I4000 ,iNew i7000 ,iNew i6000.
For more google it or search it on youtube to see how it works.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

How to create Business Plan ?

Hi to everyone. Today I decided to show you some ways of how to make business plan.
Starting with a plan.
You have a plan ,right? Even with the good building blocks of your chosen platform ,great coders and a good idea ,if you do not have a plan ,you may end up with an business that only lasts 30 days on market ,or worse doesn't make it to market at all.
According to a survey by WIP only 63% of developers had a business plan ,whereas 37% "just got down to coding". So ,if you have a plan you are already a step ahead of a lot of you competitors.

First if all you should have to do is:
1. Market Research
- Who is my costumer
- How to find Beta testers
- Who is my competition
- Device and technology choices

So ,after you finish it you have to be focused on these questions:
- What's in a Name ?
- Branding and Collateral
- App Marketing
- Promotion
- Website
- Co-Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Partnering
- Sponsorship
- Meeting the right contacts
- The art of getting an introducion /
from the book  Mobile Developer's guide to the parallel universe

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer to retire within a year

Steve Ballmer, who is 57, will retire as chief executive of Microsoft within the next 12 months, once a successor has been chosen.
Ballmer has worked for Microsoft for 33 years and is currently overseeing the transformation of Microsoft into a devices and services company.
“There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time,” Ballmer said in a statement. “We need a CEO who will be here longer term for this new direction.”
Microsoft’s board has appointed a special committee to direct the process of appointing a new CEO. It will consider both external and internal candidates and is working with executive recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles International, according to the company.
Microsoft’s share price rose around 9pc in pre-market trading and was up 7.5 per cent at $35 (£22) in early trades. Ballmer owns 4pc of the company, making his stake worth some $12bn.
Ballmer joined Microsoft in June 1980 and became Microsoft’s 30th employee – the first business manager hired by former chief executive and current chairman Bill Gates.

High rate of unemployment in Kosovo

Unemployment in Kosovo is one of the main problems of our society, said deputy minister of Labour and Social Welfare Berat Luzha after the presentation of Universum’s collage research “The employment barometer” where it was said that abilities such as communication, team-work and knowledge on technology information are the most estimated and required in labour market for 2013 year.
Luzha says that, at the moment, 259 thousand and 341 people are registered as unemployed in the employment office in ministry; this number shows the rate of unemployment for around 35 to 40 percent.

However, Festina Belidemaj author of the research “the employment barometer” said that this research has shown that employers in Kosovo have a positive point of view regarding movements in labour market.
According to her, this research shows that abilities such as communication, team-work and knowledge on technology information are the most estimated and required in labour market for 2013 year./OfflineNews

Reasons of why eyes and skin are not healthy

Myopia from the screen , more and more . It is this disease that is widely affects teenagers who every day more fixed after the tablet 's, computers and mobile phones , but most of the damage pay eyes . Today about 21 % of young people aged 18 to 25 years away not look good , but it is expected that this figure to double in the next 10 years .
Thus, doctors recommend that it would be better to read a book , unless of course would be the e-book . " Face like smartphone " . Facial skin and muscles lose elasticity and not due to aging . Everything is the fault of the time we spend with fixed head in smartphones , where according to different messages and different facial mimics . This fact is confirmed by some statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( ASPS ) , in which said exactly wrinkles are significantly increased by using the latest technological devices .

Agreement reached for the most expensive divorce in history

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Murdoch reached a divorce agreement . Despite prenuptial agreement after marriage and two accords , the couple's divorce after 14 years of marriage , may be the most costly in history , past record of 1.7 billion dollars , much of which went in favor of his second wife Anna . Media mogul seems to look forward , as we learn that started a relationship with Judge much younger than him.
Wendi Murdoch is 34 years less than Rupert Murdoch . The couple has not issued any statement , but in a joint communique stated that they would move forward with mutual respect , to the benefit of their two daughters Grace and Cloe . According to preliminary data Wendi Murdoch said that the three storey buildings go Quinta Strada in New York , which the couple bought for 44 million dollars in 2005 , which was once owned by Laurance Rockefeller , but also luxury home in Beijing , completely restructured and decorated with artwork .
However it is not clear who will take custody of the girls . Murdoch has four other children from two previous marriages . Murdoch and Wendi were introduced in 1998 in China , where the media mogul was on a business trip and Wendi worked for News Corporation . The couple married in 199 , 17 days after Murdoch's divorce with his wife Anna . The wedding was held at the Port of New York aboard a 47m yacht , Morning Glory , which went on sale now.

What is the key to a successful marriage?

The key to a successful marriage is not love, respect or tolerance , but the beauty ...
At least this is the result of a survey conducted by an institute in Texas , USA , which focused on his area of ​​study men.
According to the results , a successful marriage is linked less with compatible personalities or common interests , how to attract a man feels towards his wife .
The data showed that men who consider them as attractive wife tends to have a successful marriage and long.
On the other hand , the same conclusion can not be said for women , the poll showed that the physical aspect of the spouse has little or no importance for them.
Study psychologist Andrea Meltzer , Dedmanit Methodist University in Texas , focused sapomartuarish 450 couples , who were asked to assess their physical partner at the time of marriage and was recaptured in question on the progress of their relationship in a bow period of four years.

Do not drink coffee more than twice per day

Do not drink coffee more than twice a day. Two coffee a day are enough to give the body energy needs , but if you spend on coffee number three then coffee would have a negative effect on the health of your body .
Do not drink medical medicine with cold water . Medicines are drugs that should always be accompanied on the water , never the drink them with any other drink that is not water .

Do not consume excessive water after 17:00 pm . Water consumption in large quantities can cause excessive dehydration of the organism.

Decrease the amount of fatty foods you eat. Also, as could already know fat is much more harmful to the organism.

Drink more water in the morning , and less water in the evening. If you consume more water in the morning , your body will have more time to digest it , and in the evening all the water will stay in the body .

Stay as far away from the handset charger . Do not use the headset with Bluetooth or wireless for a long time because it can result in very harmful for health.

Do not fall to sleep immediately after you receive medical medicines at dinner . The medication must be at least two hours to be worked by your stomach , if you go to sleep then will step raw stomach stays there.

If the phone battery is at the end , do not you answer the phone, because in this case the radiation is 1000 times higher than usual.

Pope: Respect Religious Freedom in the Middle East

Francis Pope has called for respect for religious freedom in the Middle East, welcomed the Vatican until senior clerics from Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. "The conditions of life of the Christians, who in many parts of the Middle East serving a particular consequence of the ongoing tensions and conflicts, are a source of great concern," said Pope, DPA reported. The head of the Catholic Church and clergy discussed the risks faced by the Christian community in the region. "Today, together with the pastors of the Churches of the East, we make an appeal: the right of everyone to a better life and more free practice of religion must be respected," said Francis Pope.