What is the key to a successful marriage?

The key to a successful marriage is not love, respect or tolerance , but the beauty ...
At least this is the result of a survey conducted by an institute in Texas , USA , which focused on his area of ​​study men.
According to the results , a successful marriage is linked less with compatible personalities or common interests , how to attract a man feels towards his wife .
The data showed that men who consider them as attractive wife tends to have a successful marriage and long.
On the other hand , the same conclusion can not be said for women , the poll showed that the physical aspect of the spouse has little or no importance for them.
Study psychologist Andrea Meltzer , Dedmanit Methodist University in Texas , focused sapomartuarish 450 couples , who were asked to assess their physical partner at the time of marriage and was recaptured in question on the progress of their relationship in a bow period of four years.