Agreement reached for the most expensive divorce in history

Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng Murdoch reached a divorce agreement . Despite prenuptial agreement after marriage and two accords , the couple's divorce after 14 years of marriage , may be the most costly in history , past record of 1.7 billion dollars , much of which went in favor of his second wife Anna . Media mogul seems to look forward , as we learn that started a relationship with Judge much younger than him.
Wendi Murdoch is 34 years less than Rupert Murdoch . The couple has not issued any statement , but in a joint communique stated that they would move forward with mutual respect , to the benefit of their two daughters Grace and Cloe . According to preliminary data Wendi Murdoch said that the three storey buildings go Quinta Strada in New York , which the couple bought for 44 million dollars in 2005 , which was once owned by Laurance Rockefeller , but also luxury home in Beijing , completely restructured and decorated with artwork .
However it is not clear who will take custody of the girls . Murdoch has four other children from two previous marriages . Murdoch and Wendi were introduced in 1998 in China , where the media mogul was on a business trip and Wendi worked for News Corporation . The couple married in 199 , 17 days after Murdoch's divorce with his wife Anna . The wedding was held at the Port of New York aboard a 47m yacht , Morning Glory , which went on sale now.