Do not drink coffee more than twice per day

Do not drink coffee more than twice a day. Two coffee a day are enough to give the body energy needs , but if you spend on coffee number three then coffee would have a negative effect on the health of your body .
Do not drink medical medicine with cold water . Medicines are drugs that should always be accompanied on the water , never the drink them with any other drink that is not water .

Do not consume excessive water after 17:00 pm . Water consumption in large quantities can cause excessive dehydration of the organism.

Decrease the amount of fatty foods you eat. Also, as could already know fat is much more harmful to the organism.

Drink more water in the morning , and less water in the evening. If you consume more water in the morning , your body will have more time to digest it , and in the evening all the water will stay in the body .

Stay as far away from the handset charger . Do not use the headset with Bluetooth or wireless for a long time because it can result in very harmful for health.

Do not fall to sleep immediately after you receive medical medicines at dinner . The medication must be at least two hours to be worked by your stomach , if you go to sleep then will step raw stomach stays there.

If the phone battery is at the end , do not you answer the phone, because in this case the radiation is 1000 times higher than usual.