Interview with Sinan Hoxha

Hi again.
I was reading today on newspaper `Albanian VIPs` an interview of Sinan Hoxha.
I will try to write everything I remembered.
One of the first questions that journalist asked him was:
1.What do you think ,in which country you think you have more fans?
- He replied that `diaspora` wants me more and I have no idea why (and smiled)
2.What is your "magic" of making fans love you?
-My songs of course - replied Sinan
3. So you are more earning on diaspora ?
- Haha ,yes there is more developed country ,the salaries are bigger. I am lucky man. I am saying lucky because of my profession (singer).
4. What is your dream that you think it will never happen?
- People stop gossiping about my private life.
5. Something for the end?
- My success is dedicated to my fans. They are people why I am here and I would like to say: `Thank you all`